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Here, you will find all the information you need to surgically make your transition.

You have decided to start your journey and let the woman in you come out to full bloom, well, you have come to the right place. It is a long path to follow, but we can help you achieve your goal.
We understand that your life as it is right now may not be the easiest to live, you deserve to be treated with respect. Being a woman trapped in a man's body can be a terrible experience. Science has tought us that nature plays an important role as to how human beings are born, evolve and mature, but science has also tought us that we can sometimes correct natures own misfortunes.
It is very hard to look in the mirror and see a man when one feels like a woman inside. One can act, talk, think and even feel like a woman inside, but when looking on the outside, one dislikes and even sometimes rejects it's own nature given gender and body.
We are now on the cutting edge of 21st century Medicine and Science, and we are able to correct those mistakes that sometimes nature bestows upon us.
If you are a transexual, transvestite or transgender person who is looking for cosmetic enhancement, your search is over. We offer the best Board Certified Doctors in their respective specialties to help you achieve your goal. Our prices are the best and our facilities are World Class.
You don't have to travel overseas to make your dream come true and save money in the process. We are now able to offer you the best medical care at the best prices just a few minutes away from the U.S. Mexico Border.

Our Medical Doctors excel in their specialties, and have at least 18 years of experience each in their own field of expertise. Our Board Certified Doctors each have their own specialty. Our Breast Implant Surgeon may not be your Liposuction, Facial Feminization, jaw contouring, cheekbone implant Plastic Surgeon the same way that our Facial Procedure Plastic Surgeon may not be the same Surgeon who performsa Thyroid Chondoplasty (Adam's Apple Shaving), we leave that to our Othorinolarigologist, also known as an E.N.T. (ear, nose and throat) specialist. When it comes to our face rejuvenation procedures and skin procedures like permanent hair removal, our Dermatologist is the preferred physician. The most delicate of all surgeries, which is the final touch in your journey to become a complete woman, is the Transgender surgery, better known as sex reassignment surgery, or SRS. Male to female surgery or sex change operation as is sometimes called, is performed by our Board Certified Urologists and Andrologists. With more than 25 years of experience in their field. Once the sex reassignment surgery is performed and the patient is ready for a labiaplasty, this final procedure can be performed not by a plastic surgeon, but by our Board Certified UROLOGIST. A labiaplasty is often recurred to by transgender women for hymen reconstruction. Augmentation Labiaplasty can provide aesthetically enhanced and youthful labia majora by autologous fat transplant (removal of the patients fat via liposculpturing and transplanting it into the labia majora). We will take care of all your needs and will treat you with the outmost respect. We provide you with all the logistics, hotel accommodations for you and your loved ones, including free transportation.


1. For the MTF / SRS surgery the procedure involves removing testicles and the penis. This leaves more or less SENSATION during intercourse (after 6 to 8 weeks of recovery time) this procedure leaves a round opening above the anal area maybe having enough room for the head of a penis to penetrate. This surgery will automatically start to feminize all facial and body features which you will notice a great change within 8 to 12 months after surgery especially with the post ops and special medications your doctor prescribes to you that he has found and worked with that no other doctor has in Mexico or USA wise ! (These are very special medications to recuperate at best). This surgery takes 5 to 6 hours. Please inquier for cost.

2. Same as above but now with deep profoundness in order to have a penis penetrate 6 to 7 inches more or less depending on size of person. Very comfortable and great to make love with. This surgery takes 7 to 8 hours. Please inquier for cost.

3. Same as both procedures above plus now shaping a nicely outer vagina with beautiful lips used from the excess skin removed from the inner penis area. This procedure is hard to do if patient decides months or years later to have vagina shaped outer wise because there will not be enough skin to work with by then as there would be durring first surgery session. This surgery takes 8 to 9 hours. Please inquier for cost.

Our website www.transgendersurgeries.com indicates more info.

If any questions, please call direct to 714-865-5538 or 619-366-6522 direct or email us at memdrs@gmail.com

Our board certified doctors from the region of Mexico with over 27 years of experience and dedication Hope to be of help to you.

Dental Veneer Special

Front teeth veneers $299.00 each
Bycusps & Molars $349.00 each
Minimum 4 units Look & Feel great with a super confidential smile.

Natural breast enhancement with liposculpture included for $3,800.00 all inclusive.

No gel implants to remove or replace later.
Be and feel natural.


IN ENGLISH FOR DETAIL ASISTENCE PLEASE CALL: 1-800-490-2292    1-800-865-7020   (619) 366 6522    (714) 865 5538    OR EMAIL TO MEMDRS@GMAIL.COM

This site contains some visual material and other medical information that might be inappropriate for some readers under the age of 18.

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