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Transgender Surgery Tijuana Mexico want to help you become, who you really are… Here, you will find all the information you need to surgically make your transition.

Transgender Surgery Tijuana Mexico

SRS surgery / Transgender Surgery Tijuana Mexico

Transgender Surgery Tijuana Mexico is proud to offer the complete SRS surgery at a very low special cost with an all inclusive two or three night stay in our hospital plus free transportation. Please call 714-865-5538 or leave us your name & phone for us to call you back. Our board certified Drs have a dedicated team of nurses, anesthesiologists as well as new hospitals and surgery rooms.

Transgender Surgery Tijuana Mexico offer free pickup transportation service from the San Diego, California Airport directly to our hospital one day before surgery to meet with our drs and surgery team, take all blood, lab and ekg exams to have you well rested up for surgery the early next am. We have special hotel rates for all patients to stay one day before surgery in Baja Tiuana, Mexico by the San Ysidro USA boarder or in Nogales Sonora Mexico (by the Tucson Arizona International Airport as well) both areas and hospitals are very safe and convenient for all patients.

We have a special hotel cost for all patients from $48.00 to $75.00 per night depending on where they wish to stay at, we can give more hotel and accommodation info upon your request as well as making your hotel stay reservation for all patients.

Transgender Surgery Tijuana Mexico


Written by Rachel Glickhouse and Mark Keller

You have decided to start your journey and let the woman in you come out to full bloom, well, you have come to the right place. It is a long path to follow, but we can help you achieve your goal.

Transgender Surgery Tijuana Mexico understand that your life as it is right now may not be the easiest to live, you deserve to be treated with respect. Being a woman trapped in a man’s body can be a terrible experience. Science has tought us that nature plays an important role as to how human beings are born, evolve and mature, but science has also tought us that we can sometimes correct natures own misfortunes.

It is very hard to look in the mirror and see a man when one feels like a woman inside. One can act, talk, think and even feel like a woman inside, but when looking on the outside, one dislikes and even sometimes rejects it’s own nature given gender and body.

We are now on the cutting edge of 21st century Medicine and Science, and we are able to correct those mistakes that sometimes nature bestows upon us.

If you are a transexual, transvestite or transgender person who is looking for cosmetic enhancement, your search is over. We offer the best Board Certified Doctors in their respective specialties to help you achieve your goal. Our prices are the best and our facilities are World Class.

You don’t have to travel overseas to make your dream come true and save money in the process. We are now able to offer you the best medical care at the best prices just a few minutes away from the U.S. Mexico Border.

Our Medical Doctors excel in their specialties, and have at least 18 years of experience each in their own field of expertise. Our Board Certified Doctors each have their own specialty.

Our board certified doctors each have their own surgery procedure specialty. All of our cosmetic plastic surgeons to SRS (sexual reverse surgery) and FFS (facial feminization surgery) as well as cosmetic doctors specializing in breast augmentation/breast lifts, liposculpture, rhinoplasty, cheek-chin and facial construction or reconstruction, to tummy tucks, full mommy makeovers, body contouring, forehead lowering of hair lines, facial rejuvenation, nose-ear and throat specialists and much more. We do the most delicate of surgeries which could be the final touch of becoming a man to woman. We will take care of all your surgery requests with the utmost respect as well as transportation pickup service at the San Diego, California Airport or if you wish to drive and leave your car in USA at the San Ysidro, Ca boarder we can pick you up there as well as in the Tucson, Arizona boarder to Nogales, Sonora to take you in and out of Mexico, help you with hotel rentals for a longer recovery and take you back upon your convenience for a small fee. Our board certified specialists have over 25 to 35 years of professionalism doing the special surgeries they do at best. We hope to be of help to all upon their convenience.

Please call 714-865-5538 or email us at: mendrs@Gmail.com






The removal of the sack containing your testicles, removal of the testicles, thinning the penis down to a very thin strand leaving the very tip (not removing) but saving it to keep sensitivity. This strand with tip is tucked into the upper area of the newly constructed vagina being a clitoris. The excess skin of the penis is used to create profoundness for depth in penetration being as long as the penis is of the patient thus it is also used for the creation of the outer vagina for a natural young look.

This complete surgery MTF normally takes 5 to 51/2 hours with a 3 night stay in the hospital for great safety and care.

Our website www.transgendersurgeries.com indicates more info.

If any questions, please call direct to 714-865-5538 direct or email us at memdrs@gmail.com

Our board certified doctors from the region of Mexico with over 27 years of experience and dedication Hope to be of help to you.




1. surgery.
2. anesthesiologist.
3. medications/antibiotics during surgery.
4. doctors and nurses surgery team during surgery.
5. surgery room/hospital fees.
6. overnight stay in the hospital up to two people for most surgeries.
7. free transportation to our hospital depending of surgery where we pick you up upon your convenience.
8. 24/7 care and safety for all patients.
9. Free pickup and delivery for all prescribed medications from your doctor after surgery.

We also have great hotel discounts if you wish to stay a day or two longer minutes from our hospital to continue recuperation for travel or go back home in a better and safe condition.

We specialize in SRS-GRS-FFS-Transgender surgeries-Urology and Kidney stones. Please email or call for info.

Transgender Surgery Tijuana Mexico
The SRS sex reassignment surgery is the very best procedure and the final step process pertaining to the male to female sex reassignment surgery. This procedure will greatly feminize the male body to a well curved and stunning body after 8 to 12 months of surgery depending on age and physical condition of the patient as well as facial feminization and loss of masculine muscle mass.  We at transgendersurgeries.com have all patients well prepared before and after surgery for all to go very well and have our patients accomplish their surgery goals by the excellence of drs patient and nurse care. Our drs have a special and unique way of feminizing the male body that they have been doing for over 16 years of practice with the utmost board certifications, surgery license and credentials for their professional surgery field. Transgender Surgery Tijuana Mexico proudly provide a complete range of the male to female surgery procedures with the most talented urology and cosmetic plastic surgeons whom work in new safe and very clean hospitals.

We also provide

1. FFS (Facial feminization surgery.
2. Lipo sculpture.
3. Breast lift’s and or breast augmentation.
4. male to female SRS sex reassignment surgery.

MTF male to female sex change, FFS Facial Feminization Surgery, Breast augmentation, mastectomy(breast reduction), phalloplasty-Metoidioplasty, and many other surgery procedures.

Transgender Surgery Tijuana Mexico offers:
MTF male to female SRS surgery.
sex reassignment surgery.
(MTF) Breast augmentation
facial feminization surgery.
Face lift.
Eye surgery (blepharoplasty).
Cheekbone surgery.
Lip surgery-Jaw surgery.
Rhinoplasty (nose surgery).
Chin surgery.
Ear surgery.
Hair transplant-Hairline lowering-forehead contouring.
Transgender Surgery Tijuana Mexico

The specialized doctors whom are board certified with over 16 years of said very special surgery have the beginning and the final step of process pertaining to the (SRS) sexual reassignment surgery procedure. This surgery procedure is especially for the patients who have experienced conflicts with their sexual physical characteristics and sense of feel being a born male in the outer side but feeling female in the inside.

We welcome you to Transgender Surgery Tijuana Mexico and also our team of urologists, cosmetic plastic surgeons, Dentists (complete dental rehabilitation), Dermatologists, lap band – MESH (best to loose weight) bariatric weight loss,  INFERTILITY of infertility diagnostics, artificial insemination, assisted reproduction,  FIV (fertilization in vitro), Tubal reversal, (laporoscopic) Ovule donation,  ISCI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection),HAIR IMPLANTS (one by one transplants of your own hair for a full front, crown or reseeding hair line, Orthopedic hip replacements, Nose-Ear & throat specialist and more.
Costs of madications/antibiotics/pain relief may vary depending f which procedure is chosen by the patient. When we offer a surgery we offer an all inclusive package which one given quote or cost is all inclusive.
It is best to email us at  MEMDRS@GMAIL.COM  with your full name, phone number and EXACT surgery procedure you are interested in for us to respond back to you within a day or two.

Transgender Surgery Tijuana Mexico

Offers world class hospitals and facilities as well as board certified professional surgeons doing what they have dedicated their lives and professions some of them for over 40 years of helping 1000’s of patients aquier what they wish to be and how they wish to look at best to feel great wherever they proudly go within the public sector or in confidentiality.  We have very stringent rules and regulations that the government of Mexico exceeds, regulates and govern for all doctors working within their field and our patients for all safety in and out of Mexico. We are located by the San Isidro, California boarder and also at the Tucson, Arizona Sonora boarder with free transportation pickup for all MAJOR surgeries at major international airports.  Many men and woman come in by them selves after we send them specific directions on how to fly in or drive to the USA boarder and how to return without no problem as we have done this for all patients for over 18 years !


We assist patients starting from the beginning to the very end of the MTF surgery reassignment.
Transgender Surgery Tijuana Mexico


We feminize all facial features requested from all patients from the top hair line to the bottom of the chin.


Our surgeons are board certified with the best of experience any one can find for all surgeries.
Transgender Surgery Tijuana Mexico


Our experienced dermatologists are very advanced in the facial field technology.
Our hospitals and clinics are world class.
To work with our patients to provide the very best of the surgery requested upon their convenience with the best and very experienced surgeons available.
1. Our professionalism strives for excellence to all.
2. We are always improving the safety & quality to all and every patient for their requested surgeries.
3. As a professional team we all work together and relate for what we all do together in the surgery room.
4. With every surgery we do we are trusted, ethical and very honest with our quotes saving the patients
40% to 60% off cost on all surgeries requested.
5. We have high responsibilities and are very concerned for all patients safety factors great results after recuperation has taken place within ample time as prescribed by your doctor.
6. We have special transportation services available upon request for all patients depending on how extent their surgery request when asked for. Transgender Surgery Tijuana Mexico

Medical Liability Disclaimer for TransgenderSurgeries.com: When email inquiries are received, they are stored and the information in them is used strictly to respond and track scheduling.  Required by statute, we do not identify publicly who sends questions or comments to our website.   The information obtained from you will not be used or posted anywhere for any reason unless you personally give permission to so when visiting our site.  Information provided by TransgenderSurgeries.com and its staff have been compiled from years of research locating the highest qualified, Board Certified Doctors in the Tijuana, Baja Mexico area.  This information should not be interpreted as professional medical advice unless directly consulting with one of the Board Certified Doctors.  All medical information should be reviewed with the TransgenderSurgeries.com Doctors during your consultation.  TransgenderSurgeries.com also provides medical advice to patients obtained directly from the doctor. TransgenderSurgeries.com is proud to provide patients with years of experience and research by our staff in directing you to the most highly qualified doctors in the expertise of medical procedures and surgeries you are seeking.  Additional questions you may have can be directed to the doctor through TransgenderSurgeries.com.  TransgenderSurgeries.com is not liable or responsible for any change of cost, change of surgery date, change of hospital site or other action taken by the doctor.  If the patient is not satisfied with the decisions of the doctor, they must consult directly with the doctor regarding these changes.  Mexico Extreme Makeover is a marketing and referral information center to the public and potential patients.  TransgenderSurgeries.com is not liable or responsible for any expense, time, or missed appointments incurred by the patient before or after the consultation and/or surgery.    ThisTransgenderSurgeries.com Medical Liability Disclaimer holds harmless Luis J. Arias, President, TransgenderSurgeries.com and its staff, coordinators, drivers or chauffeurs known and unknown of any and all medical and legal liabilities and obligations that may arise from all procedures, surgeries or transportation services offered and listed through Mexico Extreme Makeover.  The patient binds and has no recourse within his or her spouse, family, heirs, legal or personal representatives, insurers, successors and or anyone else assigned claiming under patient to our medical referral coordinating and transportation service provided by TransgenderSurgeries.com.   Important notice to all patients:  to ensure a total and complete recovery, always follow all of the doctor’s pre & post-operative instructions and take all prescribed medications.   Free transportation service is provided for a one round-trip from/to the San Diego, California Airport to the hospital in Tijuana, Baja Mexico.  An advance 4-7 day notice is required via email.  TransgenderSurgeries.com drivers and coordinators reserve the right to refuse transportation services to any patient without notice.   Transportation services to hotels or other cities out of the Tijuana, Baja Mexico area are not included in the free transportation services offered by TransgenderSurgeries.com.  Patients are responsible for arranging and paying for any additional services.  For an additional fee, patients can arrange transportation services directly with Mexico Extreme Makeover.

We wish all patients a fast and complete recuperation and recovery.

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